SimplBox is an energy storage system designed to be installed underneath individual solar panels. SimplBox optimizes the financial value of the energy generated by a solar panel by storing the right portion of this energy for use later when electricity is more expensive.

  • Simple Installation

    Mounts on the wall, in a rack or directly under a solar panel.

  • Unlimited Compatibility

    Same unit works with all solar panels with a wide variety of voltage ranges from 60-cell to 96-cell.

  • Highest Safety Rating

    Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery cells for ultimate in safety and durability.

  • Advanced Software

    SimplWeb, remote, web-based controls allowing for continuously adjusting system algorithms and controls to optimize savings.


SimplMeter is a real-time energy and power measurement device for electricity. It is most often used as a decision- making device for optimizing energy consumption and minimizing electricity expenses while at the same time presenting a real-time picture of the pattern of energy consumption or energy generation.

  • Painless Installation

    Simple installation of voltage sense and current transformers.

  • Unlimited Compatibility

    Available for residential (single or split phase) and 3-phase commercial applications.

  • Effortless Networking

    Connects to the internet using Wi-Fi or 4G cellular connections directly to SimplWeb cloud-based monitoring.

  • Solar + Energy Monitoring

    The dual channel SimplMeter can monitor both energy consumption and renewable generation in realtime.