SimplBox is an energy storage system designed to be installed underneath individual solar panels. SimplBox optimizes the financial value of the energy generated by a solar panel by storing the right portion of this energy for use later when electricity is more expensive.

SimplThermostat is a managed thermostat designed specifically for multi-location climate control across multiple building types and building locations.  Multiple installation topologies provide a broad array of cost-savings opportunities.  As the only thermostat available in the market with built-in peak power management, SimplThermostat yields immediate savings resulting from demand charge reductions and enterprise-wide controls.

For customers that operate in smaller buildings, such as fast food restaurants, convenience stores and small retailers, building automation, energy and peak power management has been unaffordable. Expensive equipment and more importantly costly installation procedures are the root cause.

SimplControls is a modular approach that is entirely wireless, reducing the cost of the equipment and installation by more than 50%.

SimplMeter is for you of you manage facilities and buildings and want to measure and control electricity costs for a single building or a fleet of buildings on a single, unified platform.

SimplMeter has two separate but simultaneous channels.  One of the channels is typically used to measure building consumption while the second channel is used to measure energy generation of a building-attached solar energy system.

Starter Pack

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Starter Pack

SimplThermostat, SimplControls, and SimplMeter are bundled together in a single Starter Pack: