Residential Electricity Backup System

Backup System Designed for use with Enphase IQ8 Microinverters

Enphase IQ8 is expected to be available in the second half of 2020 and would be an ideal inverter for use with SimplBox both in grid-tied and off-grid/backup applications.  During an outage, such a system would power the entire home if the solar/SimplBox storage system is large enough to do so.

With a smaller solar/SimplBox system, a portion of the home would be powered.  The subset of a home’s electric loads must be integrated within a partial-home backup panel.

In either case, the electric system of the home must be isolated from the electric utility grid.  To achieve the required isolation, the following two diagrams outline the capabilities of the SimplBackup systems.

SimplBackup-IQ8-30A is used for partial-home backup and SimplBackup-IQ8-100A is used for whole-home backup.

Whole-home Backup System Designed for Enphase IQ8 Microinverters: SimplBackup-IQ8-100A

Partial-home Backup System Designed for Enphase IQ8: SimplBackup-IQ8-30A

System Designed for use with Enphase IQ6 and IQ7 Microinverters

Although we strongly recommend the use of Enphase IQ8 in backup systems, we acknowledge that Enphase IQ8 is not available yet and that it might be important for some customer to move forward with their backup requirements urgently.

The following two systems are designed using an off-the-shelf grid-forming inverter that when combined with SimplBox and Enphase IQ6/IQ7 microinverters would provide excellent back up solutions.

The two approaches depicted below are differentiated by the size of the solar system.  For small to medium-sized solar systems of less than 7.5 kW, the first solution works well.  When the size of the solar system is larger, we recommend the second solution.

Partial-home Backup System with Small Solar system: SimplBackup-30A

Partial-home Backup System with Large Solar System: SimplBackup-100A

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