Peak Power Management

Building Automation, Control, and Energy Management

Traditional suppliers of building automation systems, generally supply systems that are designed for medium and large buildings ranging from 20,000 sq. Ft. and higher.

For customers that operate in smaller buildings, such as fast food restaurants, convenience stores and small retailers, building automation, energy and peak power management has been unaffordable. Expensive equipment and more importantly costly installation procedures are the root cause.

SimplControls is a modular approach that is entirely wireless, reducing the cost of the equipment and installation by more than 50%.

SimplControls is the first product in the market to bring the benefits of an affordable building management system to small buildings using a 100% wireless system.

Utility companies charge for peak power consumption. They divide each month into approximately 3,000 buckets which are called 15-minute intervals.

EVERY MONTH, YOU ARE CHARGED FOR THE LARGEST BUCKET. This is commonly referred to as demand charges on the monthly electricity bill.

For a typical restaurant, convenience store or retailer, demand charges account for 20% to 60% of the monthly electricity bill.

We design, build, and manage a SimplControls system with $0 investment from you. You save 10% to 20% on your electricity bill and pay us as your savings roll in.

SimplControls Benefits
  • Reduce demand charges by 10% to 20%.

  • Reduce corporate-wide energy costs by controlling all electrical loads at store-level or as a fleet of stores.

  • Improve payback period for your solar system by 20% to 40%.

  • Manage multiple locations as a fleet; improve control over assets and expenses.

  • Provide actionable information for preventative maintenance.

  • Set location-level and fleet-level operating parameters for HVAC units, lighting units and other electrical loads.

  • Control key electrical load appliances during operating hours and after hours.

  • Automate HVAC controls at location or levels and fleet levels.

  • Automate lighting controls at location or fleet levels.

  • Store all operating parameters and the resulting operating data in a readily-available database to fine-tune operations.

  • Provide these insights to everyone in your organization as you see fit.

  • Add controls to additional electrical loads using Simpl’s proprietary wireless system requiring no additional commissioning.

SimplControls Product Details
SimplGateway is the system hub.
It automatically connects to all SimplSensors and SimplRelays present in a system using long-range wireless connectivity.
In addition, it automatically connects to real-time power monitoring capabilities provided by SimplMeter.
SimplGateway connects to the Internet using WiFi or 4G cell connectivity that is built-in.
SimplMeter is a two-channel, real-time power and energy measurement module.  It measures total building consumption simultaneously with measuring solar production and energy storage metering.  It communicates to SimplGateway wirelessly.
SimplRelays 2A has four low power relays and is typically used to control HVAC units which have up to four thermostat control points.
SimplWalkIn and SimplHeater are designed to monitor and manage Walk-in Freezers/Coolers and electric Water Heaters, respectively.  SimplWalkin is equipped with a door sensor, a temperature sensor and a 30A relay.  SimplHeater is the same as SimplWalkIn but without the door sensor.
SimplRelays 30A has two, 30A power relays and is typically used to control larger appliances such as ovens, lights, etc.
SimplSensors is a universal sensor that measures, ambient temperature, relative humidity, ambient light intensity.  In addition it senses open/close door and window positions.  Individual SimplSensors are scanned and are automatically commissioned using system configuration software.  SimplSensors communicates to SimplGateway using its built-in long-range wireless connection.
SimplThermostat is a managed, enterprise-class thermostat designed for rooftop HVAC units (RTU) or heat pumps.  SimplThermostat is designed to measure temperature and relative humidity using SimplTRHL in up to four locations within the HVAC equipment such as return, Supply, outside and economizer.
SimplTRHL is designed to directly interface with SimplThermostat or SimplSensors as the temperature, relative humidity and light intensity sensor module.
What is SimplControls?

SimplControls is a collection of sensors, thermostats, switches, software and communications modules that work together to reduce energy consumption and the peak power load of a commercial or residential building.

SimplControls is specifically designed for buildings with automation area of less than 20,000 square feet.

At the core of the system is SimplMeter, a two channel, 3-phase power and energy measurement system that measures power consumption and production of a building in real-time.

With this information and a knowledge of various electrical equipment in the building, SimplControls uses its AI engine to manage electrical power loads in order to keep maximum power to an optimal level.

SimplControls Advantages
  • Wireless sensors, switches and controller means no conduit runs or expensive electrical work

  • Easy, low-cost installations performed in hours, not days

  • Online system design

  • Intelligent, software-based self-commissioning

  • Universal sensor device for temperature, humidity, light intensity and door sensing

  • Dynamic power measurement using SimplMeter, a dual-channel, revenue-grade power measurement element. The real-time capabilities of SimplMeter is responsible for the dynamic demand management

  • Out-of-the-box integration with solar and battery systems

  • Uses an integrated tariff table to decide when a load should be turned off based on dollar savings

  • Real-time view of the savings generated by the system

  • 4G or Wi-Fi Connectivity with mesh technology

Module Specifications

Contact us to see if you qualify for a $0 investment system.