Peak Power Management

Save with $0 investment.
What is Peak Power Management?
Utility companies charge you for peak power consumption.
They divide each month into approximately 3,000 buckets which are called 15-minute intervals.

Every month, you are charged for the largest bucket.

This is commonly referred to as demand charges on your monthly bill.
For a typical restaurant, convenience store or retailer, demand charges account for 20% to 60% of the monthly electricity bill.
We design, build, install and manage your system with $0 investment from you. You save 12% to 18% on your electricity bill and pay us as your savings roll in.
SimplGateway is the system hub.
It automatically connects to all SimplSensors and SimplRelays present in a system using long-range wireless connectivity.
In addition, it automatically connects to real-time power monitoring capabilities provided by SimplMeter.
SimplGateway connects to the Internet using WiFi or 4G cell connectivity that is built-in.
SimplMeter is a two-channel, real-time power and energy measurement module.  It measures total building consumption simultaneously with measuring solar production and energy storage metering.  It communicates to SimplGateway wirelessly.
SimplRelays 2A has four low power relays and is typically used to control HVAC units which have up to four thermostat control points.
SimplRelays 20A has two, 20A relays and is typically used to control up to two small appliances or electric loads such as anti-sweat refrigerator doors.
SimplRelays 30A has two, 30A power relays and is typically used to control larger appliances such as ovens, lights, etc.
SimplSensors is a universal sensor that measures, ambient temperature, relative humidity, ambient light intensity.  In addition it senses open/close door and window positions.  Individual SimplSensors are scanned and are automatically commissioned using system configuration software.  SimplSensors communicates to SimplGateway using its built-in long-range wireless connection.
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SimplControls Advantages
  • $0 Investment

    SimplControls systems are designed, built, installed and managed by Simpl with $0 investment from you.  You pay us a portion of your savings as savings are realized.

  • Painless Installation

    Since all modules are wireless and are powered using local control power, system installation times are reduced to 1/2 of similar systems in the market today.

  • Wireless Connectivity

    SimplControls modules contain WiFi and Lora connectivity.  WiFi is suitable for short-range, high data rate communications while Lora is required when communicating with modules that are apart from each other and require low power consumption.

  • Modular in Nature

    Competitor’s systems require the installation of one or more large wall-mount boxes.  This results in cumbersome system design and expensive installation.  SimplControls is modular in nature.  Sensors and control relays are placed next to HVAC thermostats, lighting systems or other appliances which are required to be under control of the system.

  • Cloud Connectivity

    SimplGateway provides seamless connectivity to the cloud using either WiFi or 4G cell. 4G cell is enabled using AT&T or Verizon networks and is managed by Simpl.

  • IoT Communications

    SimplControls modules are designed as IoT devices from ground up.  This makes for easy system design and installation.