About Us

We are a team of passionate engineers and entrepreneurs who develop revolutionary technology for residential and commercial energy storage. We believe in the profound social, political and economical impact of clean and abundant energy.  Simpl Global is located near Sacramento, CA, on the Sierra Foothills.


The combination of inexpensive solar energy and energy storage, together with the emergence of electric mobility, will replace fossil fuels in our lifetime and bring about a cleaner and more peaceful era.


To make energy storage into a building materials product that is:

Simple to design and specify

Simple to install and retrofit

Simple to maintain and warranty

Simple to monitor

Simple to buy and finance



Freedom of thought and freedom from emotional attachment to preconceived opinions or ideas, in technology or business.  We strive to continually break new grounds and uncover new approaches.

Licensing Business Model

Simpl Global offers products that serve as building blocks for designing and implementing optimal renewable energy solutions.

These products are based on patent-pending technology developed at Simpl Global.  We manufacture our products through our manufacturing partners.

We also license the entire product portfolio to other technology and manufacturing companies.


Simpl Global’s innovation is centered on the following three patent-pending technological breakthroughs:

  1. Simpl Power Electronics Topology
  2. Simpl Communications and Controls
  3. Simpl Mechanical and Electrical Integration