SimplMeter Measurement Module

SimplSwitch Load and Line Control Module

SimplHub WiFi Internet Connectivity Module

Simpl4G WiFi or 4G Internet Connectivity Module

Generating savings on electricity requires:
  • An accurate method of measuring power (kW) and energy (kWh)
  • A method of curbing consumption when allowed
  • A clear formulation of the tariff structure
  • An easy method of communications between multiple measurement nodes
  • A inexpensive method of connectivity to the Internet

SimplModules is a set of components that are designed to build such systems easily and inexpensively.

Easy Installation

SimplModules’ small size means easy installation.

Based on Simpl’s innovative networking technology, SimplModules automatically connect with each other and with the Internet as soon as they are powered up.

A simple system with one or two nodes, or larger systems with hundreds of measurement and control nodes are built by simply installing the Modules within a 150-foot radius of each other.

Using Simpl’s mesh networking technology, large systems may be assembled spanning thousands of feet in diameter in outdoor or indoor facilities.

SimplModules are rated for both indoor and outdoor use (IP67).

SimplModules are optionally installed on standard DIN rails.

SimplMeter Advanced Monitoring

SimplMeter is a real-time energy and power measurement device for electricity. It is available in single or dual-channel versions.  The dual channel version is used to measure building consumption along with overall energy generation (e.g. solar) capacity of a building in real-time. It is used as a decision- making device for optimizing energy consumption and minimizing electricity expenses while at the same time presenting a real-time picture of the pattern of energy consumption and energy generation.

  • One or two revenue-grade power measurement elements
  • Programmable tariff structure converts kWh and kW to dollars
  • Calculates demand charge savings in real-time
  • 4G or Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Real-time and accumulative energy and money graphs
  • Approximately 1.5″ cube
  • Available in Single or Dual channels

  • Solar + Energy Monitoring

    The dual-channel SimplMeter simultaneously measures and monitors energy consumption and renewable generation in real-time.

  • Reports Financial Information

    Converts energy and power measurements into dollars and cents using its embedded tariff schedule.

  • Effortless Connectivity

    Connects to the internet using Wi-Fi or 4G cellular connections directly to SimplWeb cloud-based monitoring.  When no connectivity is available stores periodic data into its local storage for up to 30 days.

  • Unlimited Compatibility

    Available for residential (single or split phase) and 3-phase commercial applications.

  • Painless Installation

    Supplied  with Rogowski Coil “rope” current transformers for simple installation.

Residential installations use a pair of Rogowski coils with a window diameter of less than one inch and a coil diameter of less than 1/4″ to fit in some of the most space-restrictive main panel installations.

Three-phase commercial installations use three Rogowski coils with a window diameter of approximately 4 inches and a coil diameter of less than 1/2″.  Other larger or smaller size Rogowski coils are available for special orders.

SimplSwitch: Networked Line and Load Switch

In backup power applications, SimplSwitch is used in line switch mode to disconnect from the primary power source and then safely connect to backup sources.

In residential and commercial applications where peak demand charges must be controlled, SimplSwitch manages the peak electrical power consumption of a building.

Non-essential loads are turned off and on using a variable timing algorithm which is designed to reduce peak power consumption without diminishing the usefulness and productivity of individual appliances or building systems.

Up to three loads may be managed by a SimplSwitch.  However, additional SimplSwitches may be used to expand the overall capabilities of the system.

Each load is assigned a priority and a set of other critical parameters that are designed to guide the overall system in its goal of reducing the demand portion of the electricity bill.

  • It uses an integrated tariff table to decide when a load should be turned off based on dollar savings.
  • Up to three loads, expandable in increments of three additional loads per each additional SimplLoads installed.
  • 4G or Wi-Fi Connectivity with mesh technology
  • Intelligently and strategically manages up to three loads

    Using its SimplMeter’s real-time power measurement capabilities, SimplSwitch turns loads off and on to reduce demand charges.

  • 4G and Wi-Fi Communications with Mesh Technology

    Seamless integration of embedded communications makes for easy installation.

  • Large and Small Loads

    Up to three loads are connected to a single SimplSwitch.  Separate load centers are available for 10 HP, 25 HP and 50 HP loads.

  • Compatible with SimplMeter

    For more complex projects where multiple power measurement nodes are required, SimplLoads is coupled with SimplMeter without any additional installation hassles.

  • Compatible with SimplBox

    Projects that includes solar + storage may require SimplBox.  SimplSwitch and SimplBox are seamlessly integrated without the need for any additional components.

SimplHub and Simpl4G:

System Hub and Internet Connectivity

  • Acts as a Hub for all the installed nodes in the mesh.

  • Provides a single point of Internet connectivity for the entire system

  • Acts as a Hub for all the nodes installed in the system/mesh.

  • when WiFi availability is not guaranteed, 4G connectivity is required.

  • System seamlessly switches between 4G and WiFi and always prefers WiFi.

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